Integration Checklist


The below is a summary of API calls needed to create and manage orders containing clarifications and connections between the different calls.

The complete description of the payment flow you can find in the payment flow overview in the Getting Started section of the Billie Docs.

  • General Error Handling
    • unauthorized β†’ Get a new bearer token and re-send the API call
    • Request Validation - missing fields or mal-formatted fields
  • Create an order with the widget
    • API Call: Checkout Session Create
    • Checkout Client
      • With and w/o different shipping and billing address
      • state handling:
        • state: declined
          • Redirect buyer to payment selection page and terminate the checkout session
        • state: authorized
          • Move data from widget to Confirm Session Call
    • API Call: Checkout Session Confirm
      • If an error is raised for an authorised order it is not finalised
  • Create an order without buyer presence
  • Get order details
  • Update an order
    • API Call: Update Order
      • Update External Order ID
      • Reduce Amount of the order
  • Cancel the order
    • API Call: Cancel Order
      • Cancel a complete order that is not shipped
      • Cancel the remaining amount of an order
  • Ship an order and capture the amount
    • API Call: Create Capture
      • Full amount
      • Partial amount
      • Remaining amount
  • Get capture details
  • Update capture
  • Refund a Capture
  • Confirm Buyer payment to merchant