Order State Transitions

In this overview you will see how Billie’s order creation is working from order post, risk assessment, order creation, shipment, and order completion.

## Order States

waitingThe order creation failed and needs a manual review from Billie in order to be approved or declined
createdThe order is successfully approved and Billie can offer financing for this transaction
declinedThe order was declined and no financing is offered for this transaction
partially_shippedThe order was partially shipped by the merchant
shippedThe order was successfully shipped by the merchant
completeThe outstanding amount was successfully paid back by the customer
cancelledThe order was cancelled by the merchant
pre_waitingThe order was created via the checkout widget and needs manual operation.
authorizedState of an order after creating it via the checkout widget. For approval, it needs merchant-side confirmation.


Additional Information on Order State: "Waiting"

Please contact your sales representative to activate manual reviews for rejected orders. Manual reviews are not available by default.

Order Decline Reasons

An order could be declined for any of these reasons:

debtor_addressDebtor address or name mismatch
debtor_not_identifiedDebtor could not be identified with the information given
risk_policyRisk decline
risk_scoring_failedNot enough data available to make a decision
debtor_limit_exceededFinancing limit of debtor currently exceeded