Create Invoice


Captures against an order. This can be done against part of the authorised order amount (partial capture) or its entire amount (full capture).

For partial captures, please submit each as a separate request specifying the amount until the full amount of the associated Order is reached.


  • uuid of the order
  • Order with uuid has a sufficient unshipped amount (not lower than the amount provided to be captured).
  • Invoice Number present as external_code
  • Invoice present and reachable for download at invoice_url


  • Response Code: HTTP 201
  • Response body: 'uuid->uuid` of the capture


  • Only one order uuid can be provided per request.
  • Don’t submit a negative amount value.
  • The referenced order will change its state to shipped if captured the full amount and partially_shipped for a capture amount lower then the order amount.
  • Capturing an order that is already partially shipped with an amount equal to the remaining amount will change the state of the order from partially_shipped to shipped.
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