Additional functionalities


In settings, you can see your own username, your e-mail for logging in and the language you have set. You can switch between German and English.

The second field shows you the data of your company. In the team field, you can see all users who are currently using the dashboard. As an admin, you can also add new users and define a role for your users.

User roles

Here you will find an overview of the different roles Dashboard users can have:

AdminAdmins have full rights within the dashboard and can add new users, as well as set and change roles for different users.
SupportThe Support role has the most functions and rights in the Dashboard after the Admin. With this role, you can create and manage orders.
SalesThe user role Sales has limited rights. You can only create new orders in the dashboard with this role, but you cannot manage them afterward. See below how to change user roles.


The developer page shows you two types of access.

  1. First, Billie provides you with access to a test environment where you can test your integration independently. This is your test sandbox.
  2. Second, we provide you again with the access data for your live environment. There you can create and manage orders for your customers.

Help Center

At the bottom left of the general overview, you will see a link to our Help Center.

There you will find all kinds of answers to your questions about Billie. You can also contact Billie's customer support via the chat function or contact us via the web form. Of course, you also have the option of contacting us via [email protected].