Confirm shipping and capture the invoice amount

After Shipping the order you need to tell Billie about the shipment. At this point you need to provide additional data to guarantee a good customer experience. As Billie is reaching out to the customer to clarify the payment process it is important that the customer can match the email from Billie to a purchase that he has made in the past.

The best matching is about the Invoice Number and the invoice itself. This is why Billie is requiring the invoice number and the invoice. The invoice will also be attached to the order in the Billie customer frontend so it is always available for the customer.


In order to reduce the risk of the customer paying you instead of Billie, make sure to:

  • Print on the invoice document the IBAN provided to you by Billie for the shipment.
  • Educate your customers to pay the amount to Billie instead of you.
  • Remind the customer to pay Billie in the next time, if they mistakenly pay you instead.

The invoice has to be provided to Billie with a download link and will be downloaded directly after the create capture call.

Captures can be for the full order amount if the full order is shipped or can be split up in multiple Captures for multiple shipments.


  • The amount of the capture for a single shipment must not be higher than the initial order amount. In this case the capture will be declined.
  • The summarised amount of all captures for an order must not exceed the initial order amount. In this case the last capture will be declined.
  • If you don’t capture the whole initial order amount you have to cancel the order after the last shipment to avoid dunning the customer.
  • The API calls are named Capture but the REST resource is /invoice. Billie apologies for the inconvenience.


The calls is named Create Capture, the resource is named /invoice. This has historical reasons. If a Capture is referenced, the /invoice resource is used.

You will be using the Create Capture API call