Get Started via API

Step 1: Receive your Billie test account

Once you decide to integrate Billie via our RESTFul API, you can request your test account from your sales representative. If you don't have a sales representative yet, please send a contact request via our website. Now you can access Billie’s Merchant Dashboard, where you will find your Sandbox access data in the Developer section. The access data allows you to start building your API integration and communicate with your Billie test account. Please contact your sales representative or our Support via our chat on if you have issues with the login.

Step 2: Build your integration

Integration Kick-Off

When you are ready to integrate, your sales representative will initiate an Integration Kick-off call with Billie’s integration team. If the call has not been arranged, please contact your sales representative before continuing with the integration. In the Kick-off call, we will run you through the different integration steps and discuss a project roadmap for your integration. Please ensure that your responsible tech team is participating in the meeting, so we can answer any open questions about our API documentation.

Start building your integration

Start building your integration using your test account and our API documentation. Our integration team will schedule regular check-ins to track progress and discuss roadblocks with you. When your integration is successfully implemented and connected to your Billie test account, you can start using our Sandbox Testing Guide to test different order flows.

Step 3: Pass the acceptance test

Once you have thoroughly tested your integration in your test account, and all order flows work as expected, your integration manager will schedule an acceptance test with you. During the acceptance test, you will run through the different order flows and make sure your API integration is working smoothly on all ends. Additionally, please make sure you have included our Model Clauses to the T&Cs on your website and your invoices paid via Billie only contain Billie's account details.

Step 4: Get ready to accept payments

Once your contract is signed, and you have passed the acceptance test, you will receive your Production Credentials from Billie’s integration manager. You can now switch your API integration from a test account to your live system and go-live with Billie in the B2B checkout of your online store.