This page acts as a launchpad, providing an overview with some general information on Billie as a payment solution. Additionally, you can find quick links to important pages to get going with your Billie integration.

Billie at a Glance

Billie offers a convenient, secure, and simple way to provide your business-to-business (B2B) customers the option to Buy Now, Pay Later, either with payment by invoice or direct debit.

With our payment solution, merchants can accept invoice payments from their business customers without waiting for their money. Billie will also handle customer payment reminders and assume default payment and credit risk.

Depending on your contract with Billie, your customers can choose when they pay your invoices, determined by the agreed-upon payment terms. You can view our main features below:

  • Payment Terms: Start from 7 days up to 120 days.
  • Instant Payout: Billie will transfer the money to you immediately after the shipment of goods or fulfillment of service obligations.
  • Payment Reminders: Billie takes over reminding customers on your behalf of outstanding payments.
  • Payment Default Protection: Billie provides complete protection from credit risks by absorbing any potential debtor defaults.

Integration Options

Billie offers various options for the integration in B2B online stores. We provide integration documentation to seamlessly start providing Billie to your business customers via your existing Klarna integration, Shop System Plugins or custom API & SDK.


There are a couple of things to consider when deciding how to integrate Billie. In this overview, we will run you through the main differences of the integration types.

Usage of Virtual IBANs

Since payouts by Billie to the merchant are made immediately after shipment of goods or delivery of the agreed service, customers need to pay back their invoices directly to Billie upon the due date. Therefore, Billie is using so-called virtual IBANs (VIBANs). VIBANs are delivered back to the merchant in response to an (accepted) order creation request. VIBANs are unique for each of your debtor/customers. The VIBAN needs to be put on the invoice which the customer receives for the purchase.

Go-Live Material

In order to ensure customers understand the payment methods offered and have a consistent experience with Billie across multiple platforms, we have created comprehensive guides and go-live material on how to display Billie on your website.

Conversion Optimization

Maximise the business impact of our partnership by letting your customers know they can pay flexibly with Billie.

Our best practice guides are designed to help you get the most out of your Billie integration. Follow the steps below to improve the conversion rates at every step of the buyer journey and drive more traffic to your checkout. Easily spread the word about the benefits of Billie with our ready-to-go assets for your website and customer marketing channels.