Integration Types

Which integration type is right for your business?

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding how to integrate Billie. This page aims to provide an overview of the different features and advantages behind each integration type. Please consider the information below to choose the right integration option for your business. If you have any additional questions, please consult your sales representative or contact us via

Billie's integration types are split between Direct Integration (e.g. via API) and the Integration via Klarna. In the following overview, we will run you through the main differences of the integration types.

Integration Time & Support

✔️ You can offer Billie’s payment methods in as quickly as 2 weeks via API integration; or even in days, via our store plugins.

✔️ Work closely with your Billie Integration Manager for any support you need, via email or our merchant support chat.

✔️ You can offer Billie's payment methods to your B2B buyers with minimal effort via your existing Klarna Integration.

✔️ You can integrate Billie and Klarna in one go and offer both your business customers and consumers Buy Now, Pay Later through either Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout integration.

✔️ Your Klarna Delivery Manager and the Klarna Merchant Support will guide you through the integration.

Payment Methods

✔️ Buy Now, Pay Later via bank transfer

✔️ Choose flexible payment terms from 7 – 120 days per order

✔️ Zero fraud and default payment risk for you

✔️ Optional manual approval process available

✔️ Buy Now, Pay Later via bank transfer

✔️ Payment terms are configured per integration

✖️ No flexible payment terms per order

✖️ No manual approval process available


Checkout integration

Once Billie via Klarna is integrated, Billie's Payment methods are seamlessly embedded in your existing Klarna Payment or Klarna Checkout flow.

Managing Orders

Billie gives you an overview of orders, order status, and reasons for declined orders. Easily view invoice payment status and DCI status for dunning and collections via Billie's API, Webhooks and our Merchant Dashboard.

✔️ Order Management API

✔️ Invoice Management API

✔️ Billie's Merchant Dashboard

✔️ Partial-shipments

✔️ Omni-channel orders via Merchant Dashboard or API (e.g. telesales)


Settlements via Billie

When Billie is integrated directly, settlements will be handled by Billie. You will receive regular settlement reports directly from us.

With the integration via Klarna Payments (KP) or Klarna Checkout (KCO) you are able to handle your Billie orders seamlessly via Klarna's ecosystem.

✔️ Klarna’s Order Management API

✔️ Klarna's Merchant Portal

✔️ Omni-channel orders via Klarna Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

✔️ Partial-shipments via Klarna’s Order Management API or Merchant Portal


Settlements via Klarna

When Billie is integrated via Klarna, settlements will be handled by Klarna. You will receive your settlement reports directly from them.