Cancelation of an order

There can be several reasons to cancel an order. For everyone of them, the Cancel Order call is used.

The two most common reasons to cancel an order are:

  1. The customer wants to cancel the order for his own reasons.
  2. The order can’t be fulfilled due to external incidents.

There are also other not so evident reasons:

  • The customer wants more than the originally ordered, but added to the original order. This is the case of Raising the Order amount. In this case, the original order needs to be canceled and a new one must be created with the updated amount.
  • The order was partially shipped and the remaining order will not be fulfilled. In this case, the order needs to be canceled to clean up the system since there is still a portion of the original amount attached to the order that needs to be freed up.

The exact endpoint for canceling the order and more details you can find in the Billie Docs: Cancel Order.