Changing the order amount

There can be many reasons why an order amount needs to be changed after the initial order creation. Currently, the amount of all orders via Billie can only be lowered (not raised).

Lower the amount

To lower the amount of an order, you can use the Update Order call. In this call, you are submitting the new amount for this specific order. The amount must be lower than the original amount, otherwise the call will not be successful.


After lowering the amount of this specific order, the new amount becomes the maximum that you can capture based on this order. This means that, if you were to lower the amount for a second time, it would have to be lower than the amount you lowered it to the first time.

Raising the amount:

To raise the amount of an order, you must perform two tasks:

  1. Cancel the order.
  2. Create a new order that includes the updated amount.

These tasks can be done from the backend without any user interaction. For legal reasons, you must have confirmed consent from the customer received in another channel.


Be aware that, by canceling the order and creating a new one with higher amount, this new call will be subjected to risk checks. This means that the new order will have to be confirmed by Billie.

Partially captured order:

If you have an order that was partly captured and you want to release the remaining amount, you can use the Cancel Order call. With that, the open amount of the order will be reduced to zero and the order will change to the state shipped.

You will be using the following API calls: