Do's & Don'ts

Keep your brand’s tone and style when speaking to your followers and business buyers, but make sure to stick to our do’s and don’ts to avoid misinterpretation of terms. Conditions for payment methods, risk warnings, and disclosures vary across markets.



  • Use your brand’s visual identity and style to make the sender clear.
  • Include the Billie marketing badge, not the payment badge.
  • Keep it short, sweet, and simple.
  • Use our approved messaging to avoid confusion.
  • Keep it factual to be clear and fair.
  • Be sensitive to current affairs to avoid a misinterpretation of ongoing issues with your customers and in the wider market.
  • Include Billie throughout your site so that it is clear to your customers that Billie is the lender.
  • Use numbers instead of sticking solely to icons, giving your customers a clear approach.
  • Messaging should communicate clearly that it is only to be used for business buyers.
  • Stick to your own brand’s visual identity to avoid misinterpretations.



  • Don’t overcomplicate your messaging. Never trivialize or incentivize debt, suggest Billie products are a quick credit fix, a tool to use when a buyer has no money, or is waiting for payday.
  • Avoid exaggerating the benefits of Billie products or providing personal opinions on financial products which may be perceived as giving advice.

Disclaimer: This is a non-exhaustive list. Other situations could also fall under the examples given above.