Get Started via Klarna

Step 1: Prepare your integration

Once you decide to enable Billie through your existing Klarna integration, you will receive your integration documents from your Klarna sales representative. Billie via Klarna supports all Order Management Calls through Klarna's Order Management API and only requires a few changes to ensure a successful integration. If you haven’t received the integration documents for your integration yet, you can find documentation on the different Klarna integration options here.


If you are planning to integrate Klarna & Billie from scratch, please sign up at Klarna first and contact your Klarna sales representative about integrating Billie’s B2B solution.

Step 2: Build your integration

Integration Kick-Off

When you are ready to enable Billie, your Klarna sales representative will initiate an Integration Kick-off call with Billie’s integration team. If the call has not been arranged, please contact your Klarna sales representative before continuing with the integration. In the Kick-off call, we will run you through the different integration steps and discuss a project roadmap for your integration. Please ensure that your responsible tech team is participating in the meeting, so we can answer any open questions about our documentation.

Start building your integration

Start building your integration using your Klarna test account. Your Klarna sales representative will schedule regular check-ins to track progress and discuss roadblocks with you. When Billie is enabled in your test account, you can start using our Sandbox Testing Guide to test different order flows.

Step 3: Pass the acceptance test

Once you have thoroughly tested your integration in your Test Account, and all order flows work as expected, we will schedule an acceptance test with you. During the acceptance test, Klarna will run through the different order flows of your integration and make sure your API integration is working smoothly on all ends. Depending on the country you are planning to launch in, there might be additional requirements that will be checked during the acceptance test.

Step 4: Get ready to accept B2B payments

After you pass the acceptance test, your Klarna Delivery Manager will prepare everything for your launch. You will be informed once Billie is activated on your live system, and you are ready to receive the first B2B order.