Managing Returns and Refunds

For a number of reasons, customers might send back items (return) and ask for a refund. Since this will reduce the amount the customers would pay to Billie, it is also necessary to reduce the amount that Billie paid out to you. For that, you need to announce that refund to Billie by using the Refund against a Capture API call.

To do that, you need to submit the refunded amount to the corresponding Capture to Billie. The refunded amount will be part of your next settlement with Billie.


Don't refund more than what was captured. The refunded amount can’t be higher than the original amount of the capture.


Once the refunded amount is reduced from the total amount of the order, it can’t be captured again. If you would wish to return the order to its original amount or increase the order amount by another value, this would be the case for Raising the Order amount.