Billie's Merchant Dashboard is currently only available for customers with a direct integration via API or plugin. If you have integrated Billie via PSP, you can manage your B2B orders directly via their Merchant Portal.

What is the Merchant Dashboard?

The Billie Merchant Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all orders where your customers have selected Payment by invoice with Billie as their payment method. You can also see all associated payments and your customers who use Billie. In addition, the Merchant Dashboard allows you to manually manage all orders and use various functions to optimize your order management with Billie.

How do I get access to the Merchant Dashboard?

During your onboarding, we will email you a link to register for the dashboard. After registering, you are the admin of the dashboard and can use all the available privileges and functions.

What functions are available in the Merchant Dashboard?

The Merchant Dashboard is divided into several sections that display different information and have different functions.

There are three main sections in the dashboard:

Additional sections: