[Outdated] Integration via Mollie


This checklist is directed at Mollie merchants who already activated Billie via their Mollie Dashboard. Please refer to Mollie's integration guidelines if you have not activated Billie yet.

Checkout Implementation

  • Ensure Billie has the correct Billie Payment description, incl. B2B identifier.
  • Ensure Billie is properly displayed in your checkout with the correct Billie Logo.

Note: Follow our checkout design guide for your checkout integration. As the preferred payment method in B2B, we recommend displaying Billie as first and default payment option for business customers.

Invoices & Other Notifications

  • Remove your bank details on invoices and clearly state Billie as a payment method when customers pay via Billie.
  • Update any other order related notifications that state a payment method when customers pay via Billie.

Note: We recommend that you include a note on your invoices that your IBAN has changed for B2B buyers. Many business customers save payment information in their systems, and need to update them accordingly.

Educate your Teams

  • Make sure your operational teams know about your new payment method.
  • Share Billie’s FAQ articles with your support team.

Note: This step is important to ensure smooth internal and external communication.

Website Implementation

  • Implement Billie in your payment method overview in your footer.
  • Add Billie FAQs to your payment page overview or create a dedicated landing page.

Note: Make sure your customers know which payment methods are available and help them with potential open questions to ensure the best payment experience.


Conversion Optimization

Maximize the business impact of your Billie integration by optimizing your website and letting your customers know they can pay flexibly with Billie. Our best practice guides are designed to help you get the most out of your Billie integration.

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